Every writer needs help.

No one is perfect. Writers especially.


Right now, as a participant of NaNoWriMo who did not click the ‘Divorce your Inner Editor’ Button [eh, it’s got a different name], I am still having trouble with catching myself when I write something utterly repetitive or cliche. For instance, in my current novel [known heretofore as Deception] my MC is 15-16. She and her brother are constantly using the same adjective form, –ly. It drives me bananas, because I’m constantly looking for words other than completely or totally or seriously. Maybe they have a bit of a problem. Or maybe it’s me. Yeah, I’m honest enough to admit it’s my problem. It’s just easier to make them sound like that.


So stop blaming your darn characters and just ignore the cliches! OR, if your not a part of NaNoWriMo [we’re strictly prohibited from self-editing during November, even though we do], just think about how you could say it different—UGH, darn, I almost added ly. Okay. Okay. Let’s see….

…Just think about how you could put it across in a different fashion. Watch the news and take note of newscaster’s grammar if you don’t want to sound like a texting teenager.


Disclaimer: this method may not work if the newscaster doesn’t have a clue. Use some common sense.


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