Going back to sane writing, finally.

I decided that writing 20k in six days was unreasonable. I, Jessica, had broken my all-time record and wrote 3,400 in one day this month. I wrote the funniest lines I had ever thought up, and some of the worst. But I did not choose to drive myself batty and get to 50k on November 30th. I did not quit. I did not, and if you stopped because it was seeming unreasonable, do NOT feel bad. Even some of the people like Chris Baty and the crew over there never win. Even famous writers don’t win.

I, however, did flip-flop. You see, I started out this month on the Young Writer’s program, with a goal of 30k. But I wanted to be fresh and exciting, so I went to the adult site. I thought I could make it. And I could have, had I not started the first 9 days with a goal of thirty thousand words. I simply did not get the right momentum going for it. So I caved and validated on Young Writer’s program just a bit ago. The only thing that saddens me is that I did not stick with the YWP, as I would have liked to use it as many years as possible. It is a great site.

Do not feel downtrodden, fellow writers. Would you have written those 10 thousand, forty thousand, or 19 thousand twenty-three words this month had you not been determined and encouraged to make some serious progress? Perhaps try looking at NaNoWriMo not as reaching the goal, but pushing yourself out of your lazy writing habits.


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