Literary Awards Season

Yep, it’s that time of year, when everyone flips out over who wrote in a ‘poignant’ or ‘fantastic’ fashion in YA fiction. I’ve just recently started following the SLJ’s Newbery discussions and Horn Book Awards (though I trust Horn Books more) and I cannot believe the small range of books they consider. Yeah, go ahead and yell at me. I do tend to read Newbery Honors over Newly Published. I’m just utterly frustrated with their shortlists this year, because I’m a Penderwicks fan but #3 wasn’t as good as 1 & 2 (#1 should have won a Newbery three times over, personal opinion). Though many times very well picked, these awards annoy the heck out of me!


So alas, I think it is time to fully reveal what I have been hinting at for a month:

In 2012, I am starting an internet-based [Christian] Book Award blog. Anything YA/Teen will be considered, excluding Magic/Fantasy, because all of the other book awards are covering those genres, and other books need a little lime light. This isn’t going to be some highfalutin drivel about ONLY THE BEST!, I truelly want to make a list of great new books that READERS love. In a few days I will post a link to the blog which will outline the process, but here is an idea of how it will work:

  1. Readers everywhere will discuss recently published YA/Teen Fic [And maybe favorite books in history… who knows]. Jessica will make long rants about how fantastic The Red Blazer Girls are.
  2. Jessica will begin to compile the top contenders into categories…
  3. Readers will submit short essays on why a certain book rocks
  4. Jess will again compile the list with her crazy awesome Judges (already have 3 people interested)
  5. Repeat 1-4 until December 2012, when the nominations will wrap up. Snazzy award images will be made. Authors will be begged for an interview. It will rocketh.

Also, I must warn you that some of the categories will be judged based on Philipians 4:8 and I Timothy 4:12. Thus, why it makes it hard to put a Twi-blight section in. Sorry. This doesn’t mean that dark fiction is not allowed, it just means that books will have to mean something beyond ‘OMG, my boyfriend just killed my other boyfriend’ Et al.


Until then…. BREAK DANCE.


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