Blog, wha that?

Is it just me, or are plots frustrating? I must have stopped editing my novel fifty times because of one stinking character that I love. He won’t be shoved back into the sub plot, he needs to be in the lime light the whole dang time!

JESSICA: Just because you look like Adam Young doesn’t mean you can be all up in my face, talking the whole scene, you know.
JOHN: But…but I’m so funny! Look, I can balance a skate board on my nose.
JESSICA: Now listen. I’m not writing a book about relationships anymore. Jane doesn’t like you one bit. You need to go sit down and… do your math homework.
JOHN: I don’t like you. Why can’t you let Jane like me, and just leave us alone?
JESSICA: Don’t tempt me. I’m this close to taking you both out of the picture, and just have Mel hog the whole dang thing with her dang ugly dyed white hair.

NOTE TO SELF: When in doubt, just type the whole thing out. Get your frustration off your chest and think about how you can edit the John out of your novel.

JESSICA: You’re the one who lazes around being cute, not doing anything for my plot. *picks up eraser*