*grins* I lost my first writing contest!

So here I was, writing a short story furiously to enter in the Writer’s Digest Your Story #38… and then I realized that the particular rules for #38 were for ‘The opening of a story, 25 words or fewer.’ Well, snap. A little fudging, and about ten tries later, and I had made an intriguing opener for a story based off of this photo prompt:

My entry had nothing to do with murder or prostitution, though, so unfortunately I didn’t make the Top Ten cut. It might have had to do with my writing and the fact that I fudged the rules, though. I prefer the first explanation.

Here I was, scouting the next sleazy paranormal movie with a crazy photographer and a blue-green tinted lens. ‘Stop the car!’

Not. This. Motel.

Copyright Jessica Verve, 2011

I’m laughing hysterically even though I should be sad… y’know, it isn’t that bad losing a writing contest… not as bad as I thought. No hard feelings to the winners. You get to be in Writer’s Digest!